RR350 4T 2022


The 2022 Beta's are here!! Brand new RR350 4T prepared and ready to to go. In stock, properly prepared & ready to ride today

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The 2022 Beta's are here!! Brand new RR350 4T prepared and ready to to go. In stock, properly prepared & ready to ride today

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RR MY 2022

The best just got better! There's always room for improvement! Nobody understands this better than the official riders of the Betamotor team: Steve Holcombe, winner of the Enduro 2 World Championship, Enduro GP and Assoluti d’Italia titles, and Brad Freeman, winner of the Enduro 3 World Championship. Undisputed leaders of the 2020 season of the Enduro Championship, they are already hard at work for the 2021 edition. Another firm believer in this statement is Jonny Walker, who chose Beta as the team to take his extreme enduro performance to the next level in 2021. And Beta's fans also know this, as they continue to choose its products and make the Tuscan brand one of the best sellers in its class.

Spurred on by this success, Beta has introduced major new features and upgrades for the MY 2022 versions of its 2- stroke and 4-stroke RR models, taking the already highly acclaimed capabilities of the previous models to extraordinary new heights. The upgrades introduced on the brand's 4-stroke and, in particular, 2-stroke models are significant, concerning both the powertrain and the suspension and frame, while new graphics give the whole range a no-compromise racing look. The goal of the engineers of Rignano sull’Arno for the MY 2022 RR range was to fine- tune their vehicles without altering their unique character, accentuating all the outstanding qualities setting each individual model apart.

Following Beta tradition, the RR range encompasses all the enduro models of the brand, with no exception. High- performing and sophisticated bikes that manage to appeal a broad range of users, thanks to the continuous work of the engineers of the Tuscan brand meant to constantly improve these machines and make their impressive power and performance easily accessible to all.

RR 4 Stroke

• Electronic control unit: the most significant new feature on all 4-stroke models is the new and more sophisticated electronic control unit. This unit has been improved to offer better “dry/wet” map management and take advantage of the engine brake effect more effectively, to let the rider make full use of the potential of the engine. The map selector button remains in its familiar position between the fuel tank and the headstock, where it is easily accessible but protected against accidental knocks bumps which could inadvertently change the setting or break the button itself; • Transmission: a lighter new primary transmission has been introduced across the entire 4 stroke range, while these models are also equipped with the new clutch with diaphragm spring with 3 user-settable spring preload levels, with more progressive and smoother control action and, as already mentioned, increased transmissible torque.




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